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Welcome P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle and You)

We are proud to welcome our new customer at Seabourne Supply Chain. Click here to read the press release.


It’s drop shipment week!

I just replied to the fifth question this week about the VAT implications of drop-shipments in the EU. You know, these are shipments where the seller ships directly to the buyer’s customer. So there are two transactions, one where the ship-to is different from the bill-to, and one where the bill-from is different from the ship-from. Fun and games!

There are quite a number of different scenarios here, and I will show you the most popular one.

Hello Mark,
Can you please help me one last time with this scenario:
We have a US customer that is making a purchase from our inventory in Germany.  The parts are being drop shipped to the UK.  Do we or do we not charge the US customer VAT?
Our initial interpretation was that we don’t charge VAT if the US customer has a valid VAT ID.
Then I was told that the VAT ID was only for customers in the EU.  A US customer would have to pay VAT if the parts were staying in the EU regardless of a VAT ID or not.
Please advise

Thank you,

I agree with your interpretation. If US Co. has a valid VAT ID in the UK, then no VAT is chargeable as this is an intra-EU supply. US Co. does not need to be a UK resident business, as long as he has a VAT number.

Even if he does not have a UK VAT number, but a VAT number in an EU country other than Germany, you can still drop-ship to the UK and use US Co’s VAT number to apply the zero-rate. This is a so-called ’simplified’ triangular (“ABC”) supply. Some EU countries can be difficult about this though.

Finally, if US Co. only has a German VAT number, then you should try to treat the supply as a local supply and charge German VAT. US Co. then will charge their UK customer with zero-rate German VAT as the intra-EU supply then takes place between US Co. and UK customer. The condition though is that US Co. organizes the transport to the UK.


For more information about Mark Houtzager and what’s happening in the VAT world, please visit the website.

Seabourne proud of growth

Our customer base is growing rapidly, as is the satisfaction of clients. This shows we are doing our job well and we are proud of this.

Following our previous blog post about our partnership with Middle Atlantic Products Inc. Seabourne have welcomed some additional new clients into our warehouse:

  • PCB connect; an international leading supplier of printed circuit boards
  • Hall Research; a designer and manufacturer in the audio video industry
  • F&V Light; an international LED lighting manufacturer

We are confident that these new partnerships will prove strong and successful and we will continue to invest in providing the best possible service to our customers.

Total Supply Chain Solution
Our strategy is focused on providing a total solution; working in partnership with our clients to ensure the best approach and most efficient implementation of solutions is central to this. At Seabourne, quality of service, personal attention and honest advice always come first.

Seabourne warehouse

Are you looking for extra storage capacity?
Do you need extra storage capacity or are you looking for a partner who takes care of your entire logistics process?

Seabourne offers a one stop shop – a total solution for warehousing and transport. Due to our personal approach and flexibility, we are able to exceed our customers’ expectations and advise our customers on the best logistical and fiscal solution(s).

Curious about what we can do for you?
Please contact Jordie Geuyen, Business Development Manager at: +31 (0)652028279 or send an email to jgeuyen@seabourne-group.com.

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Come and visit us at Booth 264 – Holland, your Gateway to Europe, at IRCE on 10-13 June 2014 in Chicago!

IRCE June 2014

We proudly announce our presence at IRCE in Chicago

The world ‘s largest e-commerce event from 10-13 June 2014 you can visit us at Booth 264: Holland, your Gateway to Europe. During IRCE, Seabourne Group will join forces with Argents Express Group and Maco Customs Service.

Holland as your Gateway to Europe

We want to promote Holland as a Gateway to Europe for American companies that want to explore opportunities in Europe. We can help companies that have a great product, but are unsure about the market approach, fiscal / logistical challenges and how to be successful across the pond. We can provide you with a “one-stop-shop” that takes care of all your concerns about taking the “big” step in to Europe.

So why visit us?

Our personal and direct contacts within this unique collaboration of three companies can provide full guidance about a possible move in to Europe. Our “one-stop-shop” means there is no need for expensive consultants and accountants, avoiding high start-up costs. Seabourne’s combined expertise with Argents for transport from the US to Europe and Maco Customs Service as your European customs and tax partner will ensure your smooth business entry in to Europe.

Come and visit us at Holland, your Gateway to Europe, attend IRCE!

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