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Nieuwe afbeelding

One year after our 50th anniversary with the new logos for our divisions, new website, redesigned transport fleet and new “social media” strategy we will share something new with you.

As from today, we will keep you informed of the latest logistic news and trends with an extra channel. The traditional news page of the Seabourne page will keep in business and will be added with the new Seabourne Linkedin page. Discover our extra news channel which is designed on the Seabourne LinkedIn page.

Follow our Seabourne LinkedIn page and save time to search for industry information. Read interesting blogs and industry related articles. If you’ve questions you can connect with people within the Group.

Due to the new LinkedIn page we are able to serve you better and faster with sending all your shipments. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile (yet) then watch our traditional Seabourne news page.