Why send and receive excise goods via Seabourne?

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What are excise goods?
Excise duty is an indirect tax, which is levied on the sale of certain goods. In the Netherlands and Belgium there is excise duty on alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, tobacco and fuels (e.g. petrol excise).

Enter with Seabourne ‘s license.
If you would like to receive excise goods from another EU country, and the excise duty has not been paid in the other country, then the goods have to be dispatched under cover of an e-AD (electronic administrative document). To receive an e-AD  you require a license registered consignor or a authorized warehouse keeper(AGP). Seabourne is a AGP and was one of the first certified courier companies.

This means we can start shipping your excise goods immediately in accordance with custom requirements!

Save time, effort and money
The EMCS (Excise Movement and Control System) is an electronic system that facilitates the exchange of information between operators and customs authorities within the EU. The transport of excise goods between EU Member States must be declared as known.

Using the EMCS, Seabourne can take care of the entire logistic process from factory to the excise warehouse (storage) and onto to your customers. This save you time, effort and money.

All procedures used by Seabourne are approved by the customs. This ensures the safety and accuracy of the transport of your goods.

The advantages
• There’s no need to pay duties, taxes or other charges when the products are located in our warehouse.
• Goods will be delivered much faster when they are sold because they have already been transported into the EU.
• Seabourne can also break down partly of your excise goods as required. You are able to specify how many units must be cleared and delivered.
•You do not need  to inform custom. This will be taken care of by Seabourne, saving you time and effort.

Excise License as a basis for a lasting relationship

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Seabourne is proud to have been transporting shipments for the Scandinavian Tobacco Group for the last 10 years. The Group is the world’s largest manufacturer of cigars and pipe tobacco and holds strong positions in fine cut in the US and the Nordics. The Group employs 9,200 employees in the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, Indonesia, Europe, Australia, Canada and the US. Working with Seabourne, the group is assured of the safety and timely arrival of all shipments in accordance with customs laws.

                  Send and receive your excise goods via Seabourne