Seabourne Express - Case Studies

Clients are family

At Seabourne our express courier customers are part of the family. Many have been loyal and supportive for years and know most of the Seabourne team in our local Dutch office by name.

Our Key Accounts Desk provides a single point of contact for personal monitoring of more sensitive consignments. As well as this, all clients are allocated a customer support representative, who is in contact on a regular basis to deal with any queries that may arise.

Seabourne ensures all customers are treated as true partners. We only use the customer account number for accounting, because we recognise 95% of our customers immediately by voice and name.

Anything is possible

At Seabourne we believe that anything is possible, and we strive to prove that with our dedicated service.


Seabourne Group supports a brand new start up business

Seabourne Group are delighted to be assisting Su-man Hsu with the launch her exciting new skin care range. Su-Man is a former dancer and an expert in Shiatsu, Pilates and facial massage; she has combined her knowledge and honed her skills to come up with her own unique facial technique which has proved popular with celebrities and the press. Using her wealth of experience, Su-man has created a range of skin care products that are in the final phase of testing and the highly anticipated launch of the product range is schedules for September 2013.

How can Seabourne help with this? By providing a one-stop logistical solution incorporating the import of the raw materials from France and Taiwan, delivering these to the production facility, transporting the finished products for secure storage at our warehouse facilities and managing stock levels through our market-leading warehouse management system. In addition, our highly skilled IT team have enabled systems integration to allow us to process and complete deliveries of orders direct to the customer.

Seabourne Group provide full logistical support, allowing Su-man Hsu to concentrate on her core business and ensure that the launch of her new product range is as successful as her bespoke facial treatments.

How does the On-board Courier Service from Seabourne work?

In addition to our range of standard courier services, Seabourne Express also provides a specialist on-board courier service suitable for the transportation of important or sensitive documents and products. A dedicated and experienced Seabourne Express staff member will deliver the document or product by hand, boarding the first available flight, to make sure that the package arrives safely and securely at its destination!

The below case studies illustrate why sometimes only Seabourne’s on-board courier service will do!

Personal next-day delivery from the Netherlands to Canada without a crease!

A major national law firm called our offices late one afternoon asking if we could deliver an important document to Canada (Halifax) the next day. The highly confidential document was vital to an imminent acquisition and delivery to the correct point of contact, on-time, was essential. A Seabourne Express employee boarded the first available flight with the document which was personally delivered in Canada the following day without a crease!

When others refuse, Seabourne rises to the challenge!

Recently Seabourne received a call on a Friday from a large multinational company; their question was if we could deliver a monitor by 10:00am the following day to a hospital in Sweden in time for surgery? "But of course Seabourne can do that" we replied! The client was delighted. They had called various other large courier providers who had refused the job. However, not Seabourne!  We thrive on challenge and we seek to provide total customer satisfaction. The monitor was personally delivered to the Swedish hospital’s operating theatre by 10.00am the next day, in time for the surgery to go ahead as planned.

To Russia at short notice…? Seabourne can!

“Can you deliver a package in Russia at short notice?” asked another company. As the above case studies illustrate, Seabourne thrive on rising to a challenge and delivering at short notice, but Russia is a tricky destination for on-board courier services; a visa (the application for which is a lengthy process) or a Russian passport is essential. Fortunately, Seabourne has a very diverse and multi-national workplace; an employee of Russian origin, and thus a Russian passport-holder, was able to personally deliver the product to the destination in Russia. Seabourne delivered under pressure and on time!

The pursuit of total customer satisfaction

Seabourne’s on-board courier service will rise to the challenge to personally deliver your products or documents to the right place, at the right time!

In the unlikely event of things going wrong at customs, Seabourne Group work hard to control the situation, going the extra mile to provide our clients with peace of mind.

Our clients know that they are in good hands with Seabourne Group because we care.

Shipment 42254857

Details: 4 boxes of Medication, weight 179kg, value $57.29.

Origin: Fisher Clinical Services, Centurion, South Africa

Destination: Mbeya, Tanzania

Scenario: The shipment of 4 ambient boxes was collected on 15 January 2013 at around 16:00. The boxes were transferred to the Seabourne JNB hub where export documents were processed and the Tanzania freight prepared for lodging with the airline the following morning as the daily flight departs at 14:25 arriving in DAR at 18:50.

Pre-alerts were sent to the DAR office notifying them of the incoming medication in order to prepare customs documents and to contact the NIMR Mbeya Medical Research Programme as they need to provide the clearing agent with an authorisation letter to clear the medication as well as their registered TIN papers (company registration and tax numbers) for customs clearance. NIMR provided these documents on Saturday at which point the customs entries were prepared and submitted for clearance on Monday.

Custom port authorities are entitled to stop 10% of all shipments entering Tanzania and unfortunately this particular shipment was stopped for assessment of the documents and then a further physical inspection was requested and scheduled for Wednesday, 23 January 2013, by the customs authorities.

The clearing agent in Tanzania had been in touch with the receiving site to advise of the delay. This raised concerns around the handling and storage of this shipment by customs but these were quickly put to rest due to the superior packaging of the medication and all the markings and labelling which allowed customs the opportunity to store and handle the goods correctly as the shipment was actually ambient and not cold chain as the receiver had suggested, therefore no harm was done.

Due to the sensitivity of the medication and the potential for compromising the medication if opened incorrectly, the Chief Operations Officer of the clearing agent arranged to present with customs for the physical inspection of the goods which was conducted on Wednesday and the box was merely opened on the top but nothing was removed as customs were satisfied with the contents and passed the inspection for clearance. The shipment was immediately cleared and as there was no flight to Mbeya that afternoon, it was sent by road transport overnight for delivery the following day and the receiving site confirmed that all the medication was in good order and had not been compromised during the delivery.

<p>The Vineyard Connection (TVC), a longstanding client in the famed Stellenbosch wine region of South Africa, called Seabourne at 17:00hrs on a Friday. They requested a delivery on Saturday in Amsterdam for a high profile wine tasting at 14:00. The consignment flew via Cape Town on Friday evening and arrived in London at 09:00 the next morning, having cleared customs promptly due to pre-clearance advice. It was then transferred immediately to Amsterdam and delivery was made in good time, meaning all was prepared and the customer calm for the much anticipated wine tasting.</p>

Seabourne help clients to deal with a myriad of problems on a daily basis. Our fast, flexible, and personal service means we are ready to provide bespoke solutions to any customer needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Go on, set us a challenge.

Electronics for Imaging (EFI) urgently required an 800 kg pallet to be collected from the Italian/Austrian border and delivered in Birmingham, UK before 11:00hrs the following morning. A dedicated driver collected the pallet at 15:00 and ensured it was on the first available flight to London. The pallet arrived at Heathrow the next morning and was driven to Birmingham on a dedicated vehicle in time for the 11:00 deadline.

At Seabourne, we pride ourselves on adapting our flexible and committed services in order to overcome any challenge.