Seabourne Freight - Case Studies

Clients are family

At Seabourne our customers are part of our family. Many have been loyal and supportive for years and know most of the Seabourne team in their local office by name.

Our Key Accounts Desk provides a single point of contact for personal monitoring of more sensitive consignments. As well as this, all clients are allocated a customer support representative, who is in contact on a regular basis to deal with any queries that may arise.

Seabourne ensures all customers are treated as true partners. We only use the customer account number for accounting, because we recognise 95% of our customers immediately by voice and name.

Anything is possible

At Seabourne we believe that anything is possible, and we strive to prove that with our dedicated service.


Our website lists many reasons why your company should choose Seabourne. However, 'seeing is believing', so below we take you behind the scenes to see how we approach a last-minute logistical challenge and why Seabourne always deliver!

Working 9 to 5: not Seabourne!
Recently a member of the Freight division team was presented with a special challenge; a shipment from America had been sent to Italy and was scheduled to make a stopover in Amsterdam. At the last moment, our American colleagues decided that they wanted the shipment to be released in Amsterdam for onward delivery by road due to the delivery deadline. As a result of the time difference between America and the Netherlands, these instructions were received after 5pm in the Netherlands. Whilst many other companies had shut for the day and their staff had returned home, the Seabourne Freight team was just beginning the most exciting part of their day...!

A last minute plan

We had to plan quickly. We calculated that a large van from our Express division was just big enough to be able to transport this shipment. The customer in Milan had to be informed of the transportation change and in the meantime we kept our colleagues in America fully informed of ongoing events.

Our American colleagues then made a further special request: “please do not custom clear the goods in The Netherlands”. Now our customs expertise came in handy; Seabourne’s specialist customs department is able to provide suitable customs permits for an array of customs logistical challenges and were able to provide a solution.

This breadth of services combined with the dedication and expertise of our staff ensured that the consignment was delivered on time to the customer in Italy as requested. This resulted in a very satisfied customer!

Dedication and combined strength

The above case illustrates what makes Seabourne unique: dedication, expertise and a wide range of service solutions. Seabourne’s dedicated staff are committed to fulfilling our customers’ requirements wherever possible and we have the breadth of knowledge and logistical solutions to faithfully deliver.

In such a fast-paced industry unexpected changes can cause delays. When these delays occur, Seabourne demonstrates why we have a reputation for such an unparalleled level of personal service.

Due to an airline error, a package expected in Eindhoven arrived in Paris. To avoid disappointment, our Paris office arranged a special trip with the parcels to Eindhoven, where the branch manager personally delivered them to the customer early in the morning. The Philips conference that same day was a big success – in part due to the prompt response by Seabourne.

Our commitment to personal service allows our customers to relax, safe in the knowledge that Seabourne will fulfil their requirements, and that we’re always prepared to go that extra mile.