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03-04-2017Know more about your packages than ever before with Seabourne Pack-Track

Seabourne Netherlands has launched a new product for clients sending critical items: Seabourne Pack-Track.

Just being able to track something wherever it is in the world and see where it moves in real time seemed beyond everyone’s reach only a few years ago. Today that seems straightforward, using GPS trackers which are able to switch to land based systems using mobile phone masts provides pretty much global cover. Seabourne Pack-Track can track camels in the Gulf, lions in Namibia, daily deliveries across the Atlantic and Amazon orders cross-border in Europe. But clients have responded with a whole set of additional challenges; in pharmaceuticals regulations require temperature sensing; in electronics, humidity can be critical and everyone demands security.

Pack-Track can detect temperature, humidity, pressure, light levels and even acceleration. Simply using the light sensor, it even shows where a package had been opened on its journey – hopefully when it’s in the customer’s hand!

Configurable Alerts
Parameters and email alerts are configurable via the web portal for events such as breach of temperature range or shock levels, to accurately track delivery.

High Resolution Accuracy
High resolution with an accuracy of up to 6 metres, our products offers real-time tracking anywhere in the world.

Intuitive Web Portal
The Pack-Track web portal shows tracking history, current location and environmental data of shipments enabling full tracing capability.

The Nieuw Vennep and Eindhoven teams are busy promoting this latest service and we have already got one making its virgin voyage alongside a unique handcrafted staircase en-route to the United States of America.

View our brochure online, click here.

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