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15-04-2013New global network

Seabourne Freight has joined I.P. Networking and will work with this logistics network in addition to the AOP Agents Network. I.P. Networking is embryonic and we join them at an exciting time. The success we have had from being members of AOP has proved that good networking can improve our business and the membership of two quality networks offers Seabourne unprecedented access to quality freight forwarding partners.


12-04-2013New Customs clearance procedures for Israel

As of 1st April Israeli customs have introduced new customs clearance procedures.


All dutiable items over $100 to companies will require their Vat number for clearance. In order to avoid delays, please ensure Vat numbers are clearly written on the invoice or awb. If you are not able to obtain one please provide a valid telephone number for the consignee.


Shipments to private individuals will require their I.D number or Passport number. Again please ensure these are written on the invoice or awb for shipments over $100. Telephone numbers will be required for any private and po box addresses.


Documents or printed matter over 5kg will be classed as a dutiable item and will be subject to local clearance charges. These shipments will also require an invoice with a value of at least $5per kilo and consignee’s Vat number regardless of the value.


21-01-2013Weather disruptions

The current weather conditions in the Netherlands may cause disruptions for delivery services and collections.


18-01-2013Weather disruptions

Due to the heavy snowfall across London and the UK many flights out of Heathrow and other airports have already been cancelled. Due to road traffic disruptions UK overnight deliveries have also been affected. Please expect delays on all deliveries.


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