Seabourne Solutions - Case Studies

Clients are family

At Seabourne our customers are part of our family. Many have been loyal and supportive for years and know most of the Seabourne team in their local office by name.

Our Key Accounts Desk provides a single point of contact for personal monitoring of more sensitive consignments. As well as this, all clients are allocated a customer support representative, who is in contact on a regular basis to deal with any queries that may arise.

Seabourne ensures all customers are treated as true partners. We only use the customer account number for accounting, because we recognise 95% of our customers immediately by voice and name.

Anything is possible

At Seabourne we believe that anything is possible, and we strive to prove that with our dedicated service.

End of Nations® is the new massive online strategy game from Trion Worlds and Petroglyph Games, where you fight battles in a persistent global war. It is the next evolution of online gaming, a true MMORTS that combines selected elements of modern massively multiplayer online games to expand and revolutionize the classic real-time strategy genre.

With a global launch date of 31st March 2013 a special edition box set was produced; the logistics to support the launch were critical. The US distributors chose a partnership between Seabourne Solutions (UK) and WorldTrans (USA) to make sure the product was right for the launch date.

Seabourne Solutions were asked to manage the release of stock from the port and ensure it arrived at its final destination in pristine condition. But there was more to it than that…

As one of the UK’s most experienced and reputable suppliers of Value Added Services, Seabourne Solutions are used to supporting our clients with last minute and challenging requests. The End of Nations box set certainly fitted this criteria.

On receipt of 20,000 units on 17 December 2012, Seabourne were challenged with opening each box set and inspecting the quality of the product, its contents, the packaging and language variations against exacting standards. A team of highly experienced staff were mobilised to ensure that the deadline of 24 December 2012 was achieved.  As well as restructuring shifts and utilising extra staff, a new recording and reporting structure was created to keep the client updated with live progress. The nature of the contents also provided some challenges for Quality Assurance and Inspection: felt, board, fabric and metal all have their unique properties and require skillful inspection.

On 24 December 2012 with, one and a half hours to spare, the last of the fully-checked stock left our warehouse… Seabourne delivered on time and on budget.


GE Lighting has been innovating for over 100 years. Their professional lighting division have been developing and manufacturing lighting products for most of this time. Lamps are manufactured overseas and imported to the UK . The lamps are bulk shipped to reduce the transport costs and carbon emissions. To make them presentable for retail Seabourne Solutions have been chosen by GE to shrink wrap them into retail packaging. We tens repack thousands of lamps at a time in multiple retail quantities using one or more of our shrink wrap machines. This ensures that the product is back into the supply chain quickly, efficiently and ready for sale.

Oneida are part of the Viners Group and have been supplying high quality cutlery to restaurants and consumers for over 100 years. When supplying cutlery to hotels and restaurants they chose Seabourne Solutions to etch the cutlery with their client’s logos. This is completed on a state of the art HK laser etching machine that gives a very precise and detailed etch to most materials. The depth speed and resolution are of such a high quality that all the cutlery needs is a re-plate in the etched area. Laser etching can be used on many products and for many uses: asset management, serial codes and as with Oneida; branding.

Positec has grown into a significant manufacturer of professional, DIY power and garden tools in just a couple of decades. When a bad summer hit European sales of garden tools this year they reacted immediately to redistribute their products to stronger markets. Seabourne Solutions sourced non EU specification cables and moulded plugs and converted thousands of tools by re-cabling them and electrical testing them, by our C&G qualified technicians. This helped Positec maintain sales in what was a very challenging market.

HSS is almost a generic name for tool-hire in the UK and as such supplies hundreds of thousands of tools and equipment to UK companies. The equipment they supply is bought from many suppliers; to ensure a consistent and controlled stock management process they asked Seabourne Solutions to laser etch their hand power tools with their own unique serial numbers. Tools come to Seabourne Solutions in varying quantities ranging from a couple of tools to hundreds at a time. Unique serial numbers are allocated to each tool by region and site. The tools are then etched on our HK laser etcher before being packed and despatched buy store and region.