Seabourne Supply Chain - Case Studies

Clients are family

At Seabourne our customers are part of our family. Many have been loyal and supportive for years and know most of the Seabourne team in their local office by name.

Our Key Accounts Desk provides a single point of contact for personal monitoring of more sensitive consignments. As well as this, all clients are allocated a customer support representative, who is in contact on a regular basis to deal with any queries that may arise.

Seabourne ensures all customers are treated as true partners. We only use the customer account number for accounting, because we recognise 95% of our customers immediately by voice and name.

Anything is possible

At Seabourne we believe that anything is possible, and we strive to prove that with our dedicated service.


When Mr. Black Garment Essentials from Australia approached Seabourne they had an issue with their European distributors due to the Free On Board (FOB) shipping conditions in Australia. Australian FOB shipping conditions specify that responsibility for goods (and therefore liability for any loss or damage in transit) transfers to the buyer as soon as the goods leave the seller’s premises. Following several Skype meetings, Seabourne realised that limited fiscal representation in conjunction with our supply chain services would provide the perfect solution to their problem.

A direct connection between Australia and Eindhoven

Seabourne’s in-house IT team enabled a link between our market-leading warehouse software system and Mr. Black Garment Essentials’ system so that the client could book their shipments in real time on our bookings system to be processed straight away.  These orders come into our system in Eindhoven directly from Australia where they are picked, packed and distributed to several large jeans retail chains across Europe.

Saving our client time and money!

Mr. Black Garment Essentials do not need to arrange for storage, pick and pack or transportation of goods; Seabourne provide a value-for-money one-stop shop, making savings for the client wherever possible and improving cash-flow. This saves Mr. Black Garment Essentials time and money and allows them to focus on their core business; selling their product!

Our solution has resulted in:

• Importing products in Bulk

• Changing FOB delivery conditions to Delivery Duty Paid (DDP)

• The use of seafreight instead of airfreight

• Using Seabourne Eindhoven as the European hub

• The use of limited fiscal representation for storage and distribution of goods into the EU without the obligation to pay VAT up-front.

Based in Hampshire, Siracom are a leading supplier of wireless technology ( With their business rapidly expanding, Siracom were outgrowing their current premises and needed scalable controls in place to manage the growth of the business, including their supply chain. Seabourne Group quickly put together a solution to allow Siracom to outsource their storage and distribution requirements as well as offer a range of service benefits. Our in-house IT support team have developed bespoke reporting enabling a full audit trail of all stock items down to serial number level. In turn this has dramatically reduced Siracom’s month-end financial processes, benefitting the operational team as well as delivering time and cost savings across the business. Moreover, through our consolidated buying power, Seabourne were able to review and offer a wider range of delivery solutions, making a significant cost reduction and allowing Siracom to pass this flexibility on to their customers.

Siracom now plan to convert their old warehouse space into a live test suite, offering their clients an improved service and allowing them to concentrate on what they do best.

Seabourne Group provide storage and fulfilment services to a variety of industries from start-ups to blue chip clients. From simple pick and pack through to fully integrated supply chain solutions, contact Seabourne Group today to see how we can assist your business.

Seabourne Group are providing storage and fulfilment services for Jani Markel from our warehouse facility in Northampton. Jani Markel is a leading Spanish Umbrella manufacturer who is rapidly expanding into the UK (  We receive bulk deliveries and process retail and trade orders the same day, allowing for an efficient supply chain process. This allows Jani Markel to operate a lean stock management process. Our market-leading warehouse management system also gives Jani Markel peace of mind by allowing them to view live stock records and order dispatch information at the touch of a button.

Prior to the world famous Wimbledon championships, The All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) asked Seabourne to despatch tickets worldwide. Totalling more than 1000 deliveries, Seabourne collected the unlabelled envelopes and processed all the booking information from emailed spreadsheets, thereby saving the AELTC an inordinate amount of time.

At Seabourne we strive to keep our technology systems up to date in order to maintain our cutting-edge efficiency and fast, personal service.

Vistaprint is a large print company based in the south of Holland that sells business cards and related products over the internet. Due to the high volume of products ordered on a daily basis, the IT departments of Vistaprint and Seabourne developed an integrated solution whereby Vistaprint simply runs their product off their production line and Seabourne collect the consignments without tracking labels being affixed.

Once back in Seabourne’s Eindhoven depot, data is downloaded directly from the Vistaprint order processing system to the Seabourne tracking system. Labels are then attached to each parcel and tracking numbers automatically returned to Vistaprint so that each customer knows when to expect delivery.

Seabourne’s dedication to constantly updating technology means that our clients receive the most cost and time effective service possible.